Egg Basket

Susan Pundt egg basket bottom view

My grandparents were farmers in Deerfield and Stoughton, WI from the mid 1920s until about 1954. My grandmother, Eva Severson Vaage helped her husband work the farm, she raised three children, cooked, cleaned, canned vegetables, worked a garden and kept chickens. The money that she received from the sale of the chicken eggs was the only money that she had for purchasing little extras such as special notions, treats for the children, clothing for the family, etc. She collected the eggs and placed them in straw packed inside a handmade wooden basket. On Saturdays the family would travel into town to buy supplies, feed for the animals and Grandma would sell the eggs. They stayed in town all afternoon and into the evening so that they could watch a movie that was projected onto the outside wall of the feed store. I cherish the egg basket because it reminds me of her strength and love of family.

Contributed by: Susan Pundt
Created by: Unknown
Origin: Owned by Eva Severson Vaage