Family Handmade Quilt

When my grandmother passed away, my dad and grandfather cleaned out the house they lived in for 35 years. My grandfather had a massive working train set that encompassed two rooms in their basement. Once dismantled, an old cedar chest was found underneath. My grandfather was shocked because for years my grandma had been looking for a chest that contained a handmade quilt her mother had made for her when she was a child. My grandpa was never able to locate the chest while she was alive.

Once it was opened, a beautiful handmade quilt was tucked inside. Having no use for it, my dad brought it home and gave it to my mother. She used it throughout her time when she was ill. When I was going through some health battles, my mother passed the quilt onto me and I’ve had it ever since. Whenever I’m sick, I use it and remember all of the times and people it has provided warmth and love for in my family. I will treasure it always and pass it on to my child one day!

Contributed by: Amanda Brush
Created by: Mae Plott, Great Grandmother
Origin: Made in late 1920s