The story of my Dollhouse Miniature Mattress Set

Miniature mattress set side view

My love for dollhouses started 48 years ago. It was then that I saw my first one in a store window while walking with my siblings. Times were hard growing up in a family of single parent. I never did get that dollhouse or any dollhouse thereafter but my love for them never wavered. In 2014 after an accidental breast lump discovery I learned I carried the breast cancer gene. I was faced with the difficult decision of having a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. It was during that time that I acquired my first dollhouse. It needed a lot of tlc. My budget for it was almost nonexistent. I was out of work due to my surgery. All I had was my other passion my love for crafting. It was my love for crafting and my dollhouse dream that made my tiny mattress creation a reality.

That is just the start of a wonderful story of how my miniature mattress sets can be seen all over the world.

Contributed by:
Created by: Kimber Reardon
Origin: I created and crafted it