Broad-leaved Mountain Mint

Broad Leaved Mountain Mint
Common Name:
Broad-leaved Mountain Mint
Botanical Name:
Pycnanthemum muticum
Bloom Time:
August, July, June, September
Bloom Description:
The small blooms are bunched together on the top of the stems on this native perennial. The blooms are white or can even take on a lavender color upon close investigation; however the blooms are so small that they are often overlooked. To make up for this, they have silvery-green bracts that surround the inconspicuous flowers to help attract the many pollinators.
Trail/Garden Location:
Art Trail, East Terrace, Orchard Trail
Garden Uses:
While this perennial is attractive in a formal perennial border (as we use it this way in our garden), location in a home garden should be chosen wisely. This is a true mint, so beware of spreading roots that can invade distant areas in your home garden. It can be used to naturalize in a meadow or even a wildlife garden, just take care and remove new growth in unwanted areas. It is best grown in full sun or part shade with moist, well-drained soil.
Wildlife Benefits:
This is a banker species for many butterflies, predatory wasps, skippers, and other day flying moths.
Leaf Type:
The light green leaves are broad and prolific up the stems. In large plantings, they can even appear to have a bluish-green tint.