Goldsturm Black-eyed Susan

Goldstrum Blackeyed Susan
Common Name:
Goldsturm Black-eyed Susan
Botanical Name:
Rudbeckia fugida var. sullivantii 'Goldsturm'
Bloom Time:
August, July, June, October, September
Bloom Description:
Yellow-orange ray flowers surround a dark brown disk, hence the common name “Black-eyed Susan”. This long-blooming perennial has become one of the more popular native plants, as it is quite durable in most soil types.
Trail/Garden Location:
Art Trail, East Terrace, North Lawn
Garden Uses:
This native perennial is best used in a border or wildlife garden. It has a fairly manicured look, so this species may not be the best choice if trying to naturalize a meadow or prairie. 'Goldsturm' is a strain discovered in Germany, so its native status has been up for many debates.
Wildlife Benefits:
This species is a butterfly, moth and pollinator magnet! This is the most popular strain of Black-eyed Susan sold in the nursery trade, and for good reason. Although it’s native status may be controversial, this strain attracts numerous beneficial native insects and provides food to our native Goldfinches. It self-seeds easily if left to seed.
Leaf Type:
The large leafs are dark green and pubescent.