The Blues – Little Bluestem

Little Bluestem
Common Name:
The Blues – Little Bluestem
Botanical Name:
Schizachyrium scoparium 'The Blues'
Bloom Time:
October, September
Bloom Description:
Although not a showy flower, downy seedheads adorn this native grass in late summer. The seedheads give this plant a pop of interest as the summer changes and fall begins.
Trail/Garden Location:
Art Trail, Entry drive, North Lawn
Garden Uses:
'The Blues' Little Bluestem is a great choice for mass planting or for use as a vertical accent. In our gardens, we use it primarily for mass plantings because the vertical growth paired with the exceptional fall color make this plant a showstopper in the fall. It is also a good choice for erosion control or bank stabilization as it does seed easily. Little Bluestem prefers well-drained, poor soil in full sun.
Wildlife Benefits:
This is a great plant to use in any landscape, but especially in a wildlife garden. The seeds provide food to small mammals and some birds. The leaves provide nesting material, as well as shelter for ground-nesting birds. This is also the host plant for several species of skippers (butterflies).
Leaf Type:
The leaves are bluish-green with red accents in the active seasons. As fall takes over, the leaves turn to shades of orange, red, purple and dark blues.