Umbrella Magnolia

Umbrella Flower
Common Name:
Umbrella Magnolia
Botanical Name:
Magnolia tripetala
Bloom Time:
June, May
Bloom Description:
The large white flowers grow upwards of 10” in diameter with 6-9 petals. Unlike many other magnolias, the fragrance is quite unpleasant and the blooms are best enjoyed at a distance!
Trail/Garden Location:
Art Trail, Crystal Spring Loop
Garden Uses:
Plant as a specimen tree so that when it reaches a larger height, you can enjoy the form and silhouette of the leaves from underneath. This tree can also be used as an understory selection to a woodland garden where the leaves add another level of texture.
Wildlife Benefits:
Several species of songbirds browse the cones for the seeds.
Leaf Type:
The large, green leaves grow upwards to 24-30” long and are widest near the tip. To walk under an Umbrella Magnolia in the wild, you truly understand why its common name, “umbrella,” is appropriate. The deciduous leaves turn dull yellow in autumn.