Francis Guy ( 1760 - 1820)
Winter Scene in Brooklyn
Oil on canvas

Early American Art Gallery

Lily Responds to Winter Scene in Brooklyn

LILY WEBB: What I see in this painting is the clouds. In the horizon, might be some mountains. On the right, it looks like there are less people and people are working more than the people on the left.


LILY CONTINUES: It looks like it might be winter because there's snow and people have warm clothing. And I think the artist put everything where it is to kind of show us how people's lives are at the time of the painting.


LILY CONTINUES: This painting makes me feel happy but sad, because if you think about it, there are people working hard, but on the other side, everyone is talking. And the people that are working might get very little pay, [pause] and the people talking might have high paying jobs.

I think people should see this artwork to see what the artist sees, to step into a painting, to be in someone else's shoes. I think this painting brings a big message to people. And the painting that I am talking about is Winter Scene in Brooklyn. There are a lot of details that I don't have time to finish, but I would point out the ladders on the houses.

[End of Stop]