photo of Julia Penaflor

Hello, My name is Julia Penaflor and I am a proud 4th-year student of Westwood Elementary EAST in Springdale, AR. EAST, which stands for education accelerated by service and technology, allows students like me to do projects that benefit our community. When my classmates and I returned to school this year and began thinking about projects the Covid pandemic was an obvious focus for us. While exploring an online learning platform called, The Printlab Classroom we found our project. The Printlab Classroom challenged us to create a device that could be attached to a door handle that would allow the door to be opened hands-free. A basic design was shared that I adapted in Tinkercad for the classroom doors of Westwood Elementary. The thought behind Armie is to decrease the spread of germs on a door handle from people touching it. This will not stop the spread of covid, but it will surely help minimize the spread of germs while using a door handle.

Contributed by: Lynette Curzon
Created by: Julia Penaflor
Origin: Westwood EAST, Springdale AR 3D Printed