Momma's Kitchen

Carol Corning Momma's Kitchen detail

Momma’s Kitchen

This piece has a special place in my heart. I made it for my mother’s 93rd birthday while she was living in a nursing home.

She loved and missed her kitchen. My goal was to recreate the warm room where cooking, eating, sewing, playing games, and even bathing in a number two wash tub took place. Momma is gone now, but the work reminds me of the love she put into her daily chores while caring for her large family.

“Momma’s Kitchen” is mixed media. The dress and apron, as well as the duck, were made from fused glass. Many other items were found in thrift shops all over Arkansas. The windows in our home were old, single pane and drafty. This abandoned wooden window seemed to be the perfect frame for this work.

It currently hangs in my kitchen.

Contributed by: Carol Corning
Created by: Carol Corning
Origin: Hand made from fused glass and mixed media