Fish Basket

cocoon basket

I had wished to go to art school when I was a teen but my parents didn’t think that was a suitable vocation. In the late 70’s I learned pottery but when the guild I belonged to closed I began to try basketry and loved it.

Having to deal with a Chronic fatal disease, I have felt extremely fortunate to have found something exciting to take my mind off the problem. Crafts became a huge part of my life along with a spiritual solution. I did many pieces that included exceptional designs provided by nature. Many wonderful shapes of driftwood and Harry Lauder Walking stick branches, used as handles, have provided inspiration. Although I was able to attend many classes with a variety of folks, I was afraid I would not come up with an original style of my own but I did.

Reed, antlers, fossils, copper pot scrubbers, various types of bark, leaves, yarns, strings and love were used. Starting out with a basic shape led to designs that were pleasing much of the time.

I am grateful.

Contributed by: Betty Green
Created by: Betty Green
Origin: Created in Suburban Chicago area of sea grass, threads, driftwood, & fossils.