Granny's Flower Garden

Grannys Flower Garden

FINALLY completed this during the pandemic! During the first “State of the Art” exhibition at Crystal Bridges in 2013-14, I volunteered in the “Mom Booth” art installation by Andy DuCett. His “training” for the volunteers: “Just bring something you’re working on from home, and…you already know how to be a mom!” When I brought pieces of this quilt to work on, it REALLY attracted people walking by!

I “accidentally” started it 10 years ago while I was learning how to English paper piece by making small flowers from my scraps. It became addictive, and it gradually grew into my own version of “Grandmother’s Flower Garden”. Black with white polka dots replaced the traditional green path. Several granddaughters chose a few of the flower combinations. Our daughter helped make some of the larger flowers; she also made pillowcases to use with the quilt. See the butterflies in the pillow area ? I LOVE scrap quilts; each print has a memory attached to it! There are ~ 9,000 hexagons!

Contributed by: Jan Williams
Created by: Jan Williams, Julie Ferguson
Origin: This queen-size quilt was handmade, 3/4" hexagon by 3/4" hexagon, over a period of 10 years.