Tree of life (Arbol de la Vida)

My wife and I are avid collectors of both fine art and folk art of up and coming American and Mexican artists. This 2-feet tall Arbol de la Vida clay sculpture was made-to-order by artisan Cecilio Sanchez Fierro in Metepec, Mexico, in 2020. It took him 2 months to finish it. These sculptures are extremely delicate, thus we had to pick it up at the artisan’s home in Metepec, pack it following techniques that are often used by museums, and bring it back to Bentonville as a carry-on item. Fortunately, we were able to get it here in one piece! Now it is prominently featured in our entrance hall.

Contributed by: Rodrigo Salas
Created by: Cecilio Sanchez Fierro
Origin: We bought this tree of life from Cecilio directly as we like to help Mexican artisans like him.