Hand-crafted Wooden Ukulele Case

wooden ukelele case with leather straps

For my most recent birthday, my husband (who is a woodworker and craftsman) got me a concert ukulele, and built me this custom-made wooden case with leather straps. The process was incredibly tedious, particularly to wrap/bend the side pieces into the shape of the ukelele, and required many failed attempts – but resulted in the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received. I’ve been wanting to learn to play the instrument for years, and now I finally am! He has consistently impressed and amazed me with what he’s able to create through his craftsmanship, and reminds me that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it (and work incredibly hard at it).

Contributed by: Tessa Penner
Created by: My husband, Luke Penner
Origin: Made in Rogers, AR in 2021