Mr. Dinosaur

Mr. Dinosaur is the blanket that my mom made for me before I was born. I was born very prematurely, and Mr. Dinosaur was one of the few baby things my mom had to give me. (No one expected me to live, so everyone was discouraged from buying gifts.) Mr. Dinosaur, or Mr. D as I called him, means the world to me. I carried him with me everywhere until I was about 6 years old, and he still travelled with me until I was about 20. Mom had to repair him many times over the years and I remember hating it when he was in the washer, convinced that something terrible would happen in the 30 minutes that I was without his comforting presence. These days Mr. D is still around and lives mostly under my pillow. Even as an adult of 33 years, I still find comfort in cuddling with him when I’m having a rough time. He may be old and falling apart a little, but Mr. Dinosaur is still one of my most prized possessions.

Contributed by: Brandi Cline
Created by: Jen Bailey, mother
Origin: Siloam Springs, AR