Wooden Doll Furniture

Wooden doll furniture made by W. B. Tanner Jr. image 2

These objects are very special to me because they brightened my childhood. My sisters and I used them for our toys and for ourselves. It made me feel so grown up to have furniture of my very own. They are such quality pieces too. They survived the childhood abuse of three different girls, and now they are being used by my own daughter who loves them and cherishes them as much as I did. I personally loved using the table and chair for tea parties. There was also another cradle (not pictured because it is at my parent’s house) that held all of my Barbie’s for me. With my three year old, I have enjoyed putting together puzzles at the table and watching her cover all of the pieces with a blanket to make a “home” for her baby doll.

These pieces of furniture were made in Union City, Tennessee. They were made for me and my two older sisters.

Contributed by: Catherine Hryniewicz
Created by: W. B. Tanner Jr., Grandfather
Origin: Union City, TN