The Guinea

My parents spent nearly 60 wonderful years together. They were both avid nature lovers, a trait I’m thankful they passed on to me. They especially loved birds, and my mother had a soft spot for guineas. They had a friend who had a ceramic kiln, and one year, for my mother’s birthday, my father had him make a ceramic guinea for her. It’s not very realistic, and it provoked a lot of snickers. My mother loved that guinea though, and it was always prominently displayed. Over the years I have come to love it. It has a quirky folk art charm, and it represents the beautiful love my parents shared. It has a home with me now; and, yeah, I display it prominently, too.

Contributed by: Penny Crevoiserat
Created by: Friend of my parents-I've forgotten the name
Origin: My father had it made as a gift to my mother