Three-legged dog and a chick

Doggone it, did you know that Joy Noir Phillips wrote, illustrated & published her first children’s book during the pandemic, “three legged dog and a chick”? Inspired by her husband, his belief in her abilities & no challenge is out of her reach. Covid-created artwork is an example of how art can help an individual cope with difficult times. An artful analogy of life difficulties; how to accept each other’s differences. How individuals can overcome adversity by banding together. This theme is expressed through the adventure story of shelter & disabled animals. The words & pictures will also be brought to life through the art of storytelling. Not only through sound & the English language but sign language too. Throughout the story, reality & the virtual world are intertwined, utilizing an artistic contrast between make-believe & the real world. The repetitive & uniformity of pixels is the backdrop for the irregularities of painted brush strokes. Virtual meets reality.

Contributed by: Joy Noir Phillips
Created by: Joy Noir Phillips
Origin: Book created with the juxtaposition of hand painted oils, photography & digitally created images.