Meditating to create: original handweavings

handweaving 2

Within the craft of handweaving, it can be easy to find yourself fitting within a structured form. With the traditional tool of a 7 x 7 inch metal loom, the regularity of the square can lead the weaver to follow established rules of pattern. By meditating as part of my weaving practice and being open to all natural points of inspiration within my work, a new layer of meaning has emerged through my connection with the materials I am using to weave. I have let go of pattern and formal structure and am embracing the organic process to create my own original patterns, including these new weavings. The freeing release of listening to the loops, working with knots, using variegated colors and the pairing of various weaving techniques is bringing something totally new and uncharted in this style of weaving. I am incredibly excited by this completely original terrain. It brings much depth and purpose to my life and I am elevated by what the future holds for my work for years to come.

Contributed by: Kate Kilmurray
Created by: Kate Kilmurray
Origin: Handmade in Ojai, California