Robert Seldon Duncanson ( 1821 - 1872)
Oil on canvas
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, 2010.104
Early American Art Gallery

Emma Responds to Landscape

EMMA RAMEY: When I first saw this painting, I felt calm. This painting has something about it to me. The setting, water, trees, it's beautiful. The setting with the sunrise is beautiful. It's magical. It has people on boats with rows on the water. The water shines in a way that makes it special. The trees are like a copper color. It looks peaceful and beautiful. The rocks are a beautiful gray and brown. [Pause] The water is orange, light blue and pink and brown. The light on the water is in the perfect spot. The mountains are so elegant and beautiful. I've seen a lot of paintings, but this one is just beautiful and so peaceful. I do not dislike anything about this painting. This painting is called Landscape. I hope that you love this painting as much as I do.

[End of Stop]