John Biggers ( 1924 - 2001)
The Garbage Man
Oil on panel

Modern Art Gallery

Breklyn Responds to The Garbage Man

BREKLYN ELLIOT: I see a black man who looks homeless and is trying to sell things to get money for food and maybe a house. It looks like he may live in the alleyway he is in right now. And it looks like he is looking around for other things or for different people to sell things to. It would probably smell weird, but maybe a bit fruity because I can see in one box, there are fruits and veggies, and I can see a locked box in the background.

I feel like you should look at it because it can be an inspiration to other people and it is different to other people and it can make different inspirations to different people and looks like he is in a trashy alleyway. It looks like a lot of people throw out a lot of things that he is collecting.

[End of Stop]