Felrath Hines ( 1913 - 1993)
Untitled (Abstraction)
ca. 1960
Oil on linen

Modern Art Gallery

Julie Responds to Untitled (Abstraction)

JULIE GLENN: I think this painting is very abstract. If I went in this painting, I would hear, [pause] well, I wouldn't really hear stuff. But I would imagine a ball hopping on every colored platform. Every platform would make a unique sound. The blue platform would make a high pitched sound. The orange and black platform would make a deep sound. The green will make a deep sound then a high pitched sound. The rest of the colors will make a deep, high, deep sound. So, the ball hops on the platforms, it will make a song.


JULIE CONTINUES: If I describe this art piece to a friend, I would say this painter went a little crazy. A lot of people don't think like me, so I would say it looks like colorful sections. If I would try to get someone to look at this painting, I would say that, "You should look at this painting because the colors can make you think a certain way." This painting is different. That's one reason why I like this painting.

[End of Stop]

Tobias Responds to Untitled (Abstraction)

TOBIAS THERMAN: The colors catch my attention, and the colors are bright. It makes me feel happy. When I look at it, it looks a little like colorful electric. It gives me a energy boost. If I was in the weird world, I think on one side it would feel cold and the other would feel warm because there is warm colors and cold colors. It has a zing to it.

[End of Stop]