A Rainbow Connection

reference image for the stained glass rainbows

The stain glass rainbow panel is a family story of art and craft. My Father was a commercial designer. As a young man during the Great Depression, he lacked resources for a formal career in art or architecture. Later in life he did explore art and craft. One of those explorations was in stain glass. It did not produce any pieces, only a box of stain glass materials eventually residing in my Sister’s attic.
My wife, Pat, became proficient in stain glass as a hobby. She often produced pieces for family gifts.
One reminded my Sister of the box. In it was Dad’s design for a rainbow. Also, glass for the rainbow’s stripes. Pat decided each of my two Sisters and Brother should have a rainbow.

Pat continues in her craft. I believe my Father’s artistic spirit continues in our daughter, Cathy. She did have the opportunity of a BFA from The SAIC. They now collaborate on pieces.

On a sunny afternoon, the rainbows’ colors brighten the room sparking thoughts of family connections.

Contributed by: Alan Meyer
Created by: Pat Meyer/Jim Meyer
Origin: Pat made the panel using a design of Jim's.