Bubbles of fun!

Marilyn Payne soap long view

I have always loved beautiful soap. The combination of colors, textures, and scents has always been a draw for me. I remember the little mauve colored, rose shaped guest soaps displayed in my grandmother’s bathroom. I remember the gift shops with the fancy translucent soaps that smelled of apricots. I remember the day I discovered that I could learn how to create these treasures myself. Wandering down the isles of a craft store and suddenly stopping at the section that was full of ingredients and books that told me I could make beautiful soap masterpieces. For eighteen years now I have continued to marvel at the beauty and uniqueness of the soap that I create and those made by other soap makers. Soap crafting is a marriage of science and art. At times, the science can change or alter the art. A soap maker never truly knows how their new creation will look until later when they are able to release it from the mold and cut the soap open. That is half of the fun: what will it be?

Contributed by: Marilyn Payne
Created by: Marilyn Payne