Lillian's gifts

I didn’t have a crafty grandmother. My grandmother was like Joan Rivers, her hands were meant to hold credit cards. However, I was blessed to have found an adopted grandmother for my children in Dallas, Lillian Blair. Lillian’s late husband, Bill Blair owned a pottery company in Ozark, Missouri. He was a trained at the Cleveland School of Art and then studied painting in Europe. Needless to say, Lillian appreciated all kinds of art forms. Her greatest talent was knitting. She knitted some beautiful sweaters for my daughter. Lillian was the coolest octogenarian I ever knew. Imagine an 80 something year old coming to your house in the 90’s dressed in denim shirts, long khaki skirts and boots. I trusted her fashion taste more than my own peer group. This sweater and hat set was one of my favorites that she made, I loved it because it looked very Scandinavian. I have saved it in case my daughter has a little girl someday.

Contributed by: Sally Clifton
Created by: Lillian Blair
Origin: Gift