Cedar Box - Mom's Tree

cedar box opened

My mother had a cedar tree in her front yard that was really close to the sidewalk and the roots were cracking the concrete. The apartment manager always wanted to cut it down — she always joked…”not until I’m gone”!

We lost our mother in 2005 and eventually the tree had to be removed. The maintenance manager was a good friend and he knew I was a wood worker. He saved me a few pieces. Over the years I’ve made a few things for my siblings and they are always meaningful gifts.

This past year, I took the remaining pieces and made a keepsake box for my brother. Additionally, I found a nice signature from mom and was able to scan and laser engrave her handwriting into the inside lid of the box.

I left the inside of the box unfinished so each time it’s opened you can smell the cedar. My brother what quite moved when he received the box.

Contributed by: Ray Taylor
Created by: Ray Taylor
Origin: Made in Bentonville, AR at my home shop in Bentonville, AR.