Spooky Quilt

spooky quilt closeup with tools

My grandmother and Aunt both quilted for as long as I can remember. I have received many a gift quilt. Because of this I have been fascinated by the processes of making a quilt. I had made quilt tops before usually table runners and simple squares blocks. I felt confident enough for a challenge. I chose a Bargello pattern to make a lap quilt for my roommate. In making this quilt I learned a new found respect for my relatives for the time and love that goes into a quilt, even a small one. Along the way I learned many new techniques and how to use a seam ripper properly. Many many not so straight lines later I have learned to accept the wonky and handmade instead of fussing over being perfect. This wasn’t my first quilt but this one is definitely the most technically challenging one I have made to date. My roommate does indeed love it. It may been Halloween print but its a year round lap warmer.

Contributed by: Alya Woelk
Created by: Alya Woelk
Origin: I made this quilt for my roommate as a Halloween lap quilt.