Coffee Table

table with view of table top

This was the first time I have made a significant piece of furniture that is a piece of art. This coffee table was a commission for a friend who is also a patron having purchased sculptures and a painting from me. She had a pecan slab and asked me if I could fabricate a coffee table using the slab. The cast bronze legs were the suggestion of my girlfriend after we discussed what would be not only functional, but also creative, and original. I took English Ivy roots I had laying around the studio to fabricate the legs. I then cast them in bronze and finished them with the green/brown patina. Using a wood planer, I made the pecan slab parallel. I then sanded and applied multiple coats of epoxy. I attached the bronze legs resulting in an organic piece. There has been quite a bit of interest in this coffee table. The comments I have received on this coffee table is that it is a piece of art.

Contributed by: Patrick Fleming
Created by: Patrick Fleming
Origin: I fabricated it