Cocktail Table

I’ve designed and built furniture most if my adult life. After retiring at the age of 70, l found retirement to be kind of boring. So, after 4 years of retirement, I equipped my garden shed with some tools. I found that there were a number of local sources for live edge wood slabs. Always a fan of George Nakashima, l wanted to see what l could do with sequenced pairs of slabs in my tiny “He Shed”. The pictured piece is my first effort. The top is made from two, small walnut slabs that l “flipped” so that the big knots were were on opposite ends and corners of the tabletop. Kind of a yin and yang idea. The pedestal is made of stacked, glued pieces of 2″ walnut, shaped by turning each layer 1/4″ counter clockwise around a centered dowel. Then, the tool marked sides of the pedestal are hand carved with gouges. (Curved Chisels)

Contributed by: John Noel
Created by: John Noel