A letter to my daughter:
Leftover lumps of wet clay from collapsed cups and trimmings from plates. From the moment we got the bad news through the remainder of your life, I collected all of the leftover bits of clay that I normally tossed without a second thought.

The world became so broken, and I needed desperately to build something from all of the pieces of our shattered lives. I needed something to remember the joys on those sunny days out back with us at the pottery wheel and your dad at his table saw.

This was our project together. You were with me with each bit of clay that I wedged, and listened with your dad as I threw the biggest vase I had ever made. It would be the last thing I would ever throw while we were together.

The doctors described all that was broken with each sonogram. But you, sweet girl, helped me prove there is a beauty yet to be made from what the world has disregarded.

Contributed by: Kimly Phamvan
Created by: Kimly Phamvan
Origin: Fayetteville, AR