This Violin

Violin back side

For Christmas 2020, my father gave to my daughter this violin, accompanied by a handwritten note describing its history: “To Jane – This violin was made in Germany about 120 years ago and was given to your great grandfather by his parents when he was just about your age. It was made, very likely, by hand by a German farmer during the cold winter months (when it was too cold to work in the fields). It was sent then to the city for finishing (varnishing) & to get its strings and chin rest, before being picked up by another person whose business it was to see violins to music stores in Germany and America and other places. I’m not an expert but the man we got to restore it (Bill Schetter, a violin player with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra) said “it is a very good student violin.” It is made of maple on the back and sides and spruce on the top and the scroll. Jane, your uncle Eliot also played this violin when he was your age. Much love to you dear Jane — Eebee”

Contributed by: Austen Bailly
Created by: A Farmer in Germany
Origin: Purchased around 1900 in the US, likely Louisiana, for my grandfather when he was about 9 years old