The Gift for My Son

When the winter started in the town, I bought some cold weather clothes and then sent them back to Vietnam for my loved son. Importantly to imply that no matter how geographically far we are in the present time, I love him from the moon and back, I embroidered a logo on all of his outfits which becomes a symbol for our unreplaceable mother-son relationship.

The logo includes two parts. The outside ring is a circle which symbolizes my ever-lasting love toward my son because the circle does not have a beginning and ending. No matter how old he is, he forever is a little prince in my heart. The second part of the logo is a star. Its meaning is evoked from the south star in the sky. When travelers get lost, they can count on that star to figure out which direction they should follow to get back to their homes. Like that, because of his precious presence in my life, I am always able to find my correct path in my challenging life journey.

Contributed by: Huong Nguyen
Created by: Huong Nguyen
Origin: I made it three weeks ago, in December, 2020