Watercolor Painting

Photo of the artist and the frame maker

My dad was carpenter by trade and toymaker by night. So many of his pieces are favorites of mine. He was a functional crafter who loved to build toys as much as he loved to give them away. He had me create a website so he could share his work with other wood workers he met online. Secretly, I think though, it was his way of keeping us connected and building precious memories.

The piece of family art I like most is a watercolor by mom in a frame that dad made. My mom enjoyed a lifelong hobby of creating both impressionistic oil and water-color paintings. She was an avid volunteer at the summer art shows of the Monroe Arts Council in Connecticut for almost 20 years. Both my parents loved and participated in the local craft ‘scene’ and passed that love on to me.

Contributed by: Joan Thomas
Created by: Peter (frame) and Helen (painting) Ingrassia; photo of them at a 2010 Craft Festival
Origin: Trumbull, Connecticut